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About ISRS

"Resilience requires moving forward rather than just bouncing back"
The Rt. Hon. Lord Reid of Cardowan
Executive Chairman, ISRS

Founded in 2008 by the Rt. Hon. Lord Reid of Cardowan, one of the most experienced cabinet ministers in British political history, the Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security (ISRS) at UCL has served as a pioneer and forum for next generation thinking.

ISRS focuses on persistent challenges to agility, stamina and capacity in strategic decision making, to better face existential threats and disruptive innovation that are not addressed by conventional strategy and forecasting.

In addressing these strategic challenges for commercial and public sector clients, we work with partners and clients to generate strategy, policy and insight that integrates risk, opportunity and reward to be more resilient and secure in a fast changing, networked world. 

  • Strategy: A winning path for competitive success in the context of evolving events and capabilities.

  • Resilience: The enduring power of a body for transformation, renewal and recovery through the flux of interactions and flow of events.

  • Security: A healthy state of being and becoming free from danger or threat.

There is not only increasing risk due to growing global interconnectedness and interdependence in networks, but also the increased rate at which risks now appear requires a far greater degree of resilience within organisations, both public and private. The need for innovative approaches to respond to these challenges has never been greater.

Contact us to explore how ISRS can help shape the future of your organisation.

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