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ISRS runs Net Assessment Event on UK’s post Brexit Relationship with EU

The Institute for Strategy, Security & Resilience ran a Net Assessment Event in conjunction with Public First to consider the challenges facing the Government as it went about its Brexit negotiations.

The event brought together former special advisers from the main parties, former civil servants, political campaigners, journalists and businesspeople

Using Net Assessment techniques, the group considered how a series of events might play out across Europe. Having initially raised the prospect of severe turbulence for Britain, the group concluded that there were enough challenges ahead for the EU that they might feel that an agreement with Britain was very much in their interests.

Two possible events stood out for the group: firstly, the chance of a major economic and political crisis caused by the election of anti-EU parties to the Italian Parliament - and their likely outright rejection of any financial controls being placed on them; and secondly, the possibility of further waves of migration into the EU, via Turkey. In both circumstances, discussions suggested, Britain’s economic and military power would come in useful for the EU.

Net Assessment is a powerful tool for organisations and businesses seeking to assess both challenges and opportunities in times of great uncertainty. To find out more, please contact us.

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