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In a globalised world, all organisations face shared challenges of ever accelerating change, hyper-connectivity and unpredictability.
Founded a decade ago by the Rt. Hon. Lord Reid of Cardowan, the Institute for Strategy, Resilience & Security (ISRS) at University College London (UCL) provides a hub for scholars and practitioners to address current and future challenges of resilience and security. ISRS works with partners and clients to generate strategy, policy and insight that integrates risk, opportunity and reward, to be more resilient and secure within the context of continual and rapid change. 
Find out more about how ISRS can help you to plan, develop and implement innovative, adaptive strategies that enable and drive growth and success.
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The enduring power of a body for transformation, renewal and recovery through the flux of interactions and flow of events


A healthy state of being and becoming free from danger or threat


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