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Research Themes

'Reality tends to show that the irreducible tails of radical uncertainty are much thicker than anyone had suspected in the past.' 
- Lord Reid of Cardowan, 2011



Our Research Themes

ISRS is a hub for researchers, educators and change practitioners in the development and delivery of strategy, security and resilience services.

Personally, economically, socially and politically, we are increasingly interdependent upon networks that combine extensive local and long-distance interactions. This process of glocalisation is what guides our work, carried out through six Research and Innovation Challenges (RIX):



  • Glocal Political Economies; capital and credit flows

  • Organisational and Market Fitness; delivering productivity gains

  • Incisive Methods; net assessment for a multipolar world

  • Dynamic Networks; passage of data, trade and people

  • Carrying Capacity; strategic rivalries over consumption.

  • Ethics; law-making bodies and evolving patterns of behaviour.


Our academic activities include academic working papers; bespoke briefing notes, strategy and policy advice; event-driven scenario exercises; resilience assessments; and promotion of Security and Resilience issues to wider audiences through the media.

The ISRS Advisory Board comprises distinguished international practitioners, scholars and policy-makers.


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